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The perpetual changes of societal, economic and environmental conditions constantly urges plant breeding actors to provide growers and consumers with suitable solutions to an increasing number of challenges especially within the Agri-food Sector. Science offers support to the breeding sector through new genomic techniques (NGTs) and the European Union co-legislators endeavour to keep up with a technology in constant evolution in the intellectual property sector and beyond.

This webinar organized in cooperation with the European IP Helpdesk provides an introduction and illustrate the shortcomings of the legal framework on genetically modified organism (GMOs) when applied to NGTs. The speakers also give an overview of the current political discussions on the matter. The need for a reform is clear but which values should shape the new legal framework in order to truly foster innovation in the EU?

Learning Objectives:

  • Latest genome editing techniques and their potentialities for plant breeding.
  • Legal European framework concerning GMOs.
  • Do all new breeding techniques result in GMOs? The current position of the EU on GMOs.
  • Dissenting opinions and challenges for a future-proof legal framework in the EU.

WHEN: Tuesday 12 April 2022, 10:30 to 12:00

Watch the webinar here.