The CPVO Variety Finder, maintained by the CPVO contains information on registers of more than 70 countries with a general search tool. It also includes a similarity search tool to test the suitability of denominations.

Access to the CPVO Variety Finder database

It contains:

  • Plant Breeders' Rights data:
    • Community Plant Variety Rights data published in the Official gazette of the CPVO (QZ PBR)
    • National data of protected varieties (PBR)
  • National listings data and common catalogue data (NLI)
  • Some commercial registers (COM)
  • EU registered trademarks for class 31 (EUTM)
  • Plant Patents (PLP)
  • Other types of registers codified as ‘ZZZ Other registers’ or ‘REF reference List’

Based on a cooperation agreement between CPVO and UPOV, non EU data recorded in the UPOV PLUTO database are loaded in the Variety Finder as soon as received at the CPVO. You will find information about national authorities contributing with their data and details about their registers. The general principle is to update of the database as soon as data are officially published.

Below you will find an instructive video on :

  • how to search in the CPVO variety finder database