The Official Journal of the Community Plant Variety Office (the Official Gazette) is published in nearly all official languages of the European Union.

Official Gazette of the CPVO

It is divided into two parts:

● Part A : contains basic information about the different varieties; complies with the UPOV recommendations as to publication of plant breeders rights.

Content :

Chapter I : table 1, contains all valid applications received within a period of 2 months. Table 2 lists all applications received under the transitional regime. 
Chapter II : contains the proposed variety denominations already tested but not yet approved. Third parties have 3 months to file an objection; time is running as from the publication date of the Official Gazette.
Chapter III lists all withdrawals of applications over the reference period. 
Chapter IV : Decisions taken by the Office are published under Chapter IV.
Chapter V indicates transfers of holdership and changes in procedural representatives. 
Chapter VI lists terminated varieties in addition to the type of termination.
ChapterVII is meant for compulsory exploitation rights. 
Chapter VIII contains contractual exploitation rights, details of the holders and their licensees in respect of a variety.
Chapter IX provides information on recently lodged appeals and decisions on the appeals. 
Chapter X the Corrigendum encompasses corrections to previously wrongfully published information.
Chapter XI was created to provide information about the Client Database to establish the official registers; currently the chapter contains one table, with two columns, the first one is a list of invalidated duplicate client entries and the second one the list of kept client entries.
Chapter XII contains other particulars entered in the registers not yet in the above chapters. Table 1 provides information on rights of third parties, more specifically deeds of pledge, when applications and rights are given as a security for a loan; pledgor (the applicant or the holder) and pledgee ( the bank) are indicated. Sub – tables indicate beginning and end of the pledges. Table 2 also provides information on rights of third parties, when applications and rights are the subject matter of a levy of execution following a court decision, i.e. when applications and rights are confiscated on behalf of a person. Indications as to when it starts and when it's lifted are given in the sub-tables.

● Part B : contains general information about fees, national information about the farm saved seeds exemption, new test guidelines approved by the Administrative Council, new forms, new technical questionnaires, the list of national offices, publication developments… The information is not always provided in full and refers interested parties to a specific address on the website of the Office.

S2/S3 Publication

The purpose of the S2/S3 Publication is to provide applicants with a consolidated version of the closing dates for applications and the submission requirements for plant material per species and according to the examination offices which are currently entrusted to carry out the DUS technical examination on behalf of the CPVO.

For species without an entrusted examination office in the EU, the publication contains information about cooperating authorities in third countries.

From 15/10/2020 the content of the publication is updated on a daily basis. A search tool is available to identify these modifications on the web site of the Office: Plant material submission to Entrusted Examination Offices S2/S3 Publication

In addition, once per year (mid-February), the content of the publication is extracted and published in a pdf on the website of the CPVO (Official Publications).


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S2 publication (2024)

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