The Official Publications (OP) of the CPVO remain the only official publication of information contained in the CPVO Register.

>> Search titles (in force, terminated) and applications (active, withdrawn)

The Office has developed an Extranet dedicated to its Clients. The aim of such an extranet web site is to both give the possibility to CPVO clients (representatives and applicants) to consult information about their files (status of applications, pending fees, debit and credit notes), retrieve documents (copies of invoices…) as well as allow easier public access to the files and publications.

This website is publicly accessible over the Internet using a regular browser (Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer…).

It is split into two sections: a public access and a restricted access.

Public section

  • Search titles (in force, terminated) and applications (active, withdrawn)
  • Search publications
  • Search appeals
  • Direct display of clients & representatives details

Private section includes all features of the public section plus:

  • Display detailed file information
  • Status schema of application
  • Technical examination basic information
  • Financial information (invoices and foreseen fees)
  • Print copies of invoices
  • Financial reminders
  • Procedural representatives have direct access to the files of all their clients

User Manual: once in the Client Extranet website, click the '?' (question mark) button in the top right-hand corner of the website.