General principles

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO), located at Angers (France), is a decentralized agency of the European Union. It manages a system for the protection of intellectual property rights relating to plant varieties across the European Union. As such, the Agency is subject to the provisions of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Communities, the CPVO Financial Regulation and the relevant directives relating to the coordination of procedures for the award of public contracts.


CPVO buys services and supplies through public procurement calls, in line with EU legislation and the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.


Calls for tenders above EUR 139,000 are published on:

  • the e-tendering platform
  • the CPVO website following publication in the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database (the procurement supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union)

Calls for tenders between EUR 15,000 to EUR 139,000 are advertised in the annual Work Program in advance of their launch on the CPVO website under ‘Ex-Ante Publicity’.


Tenders above EUR 139 000

For purchases with a value above EUR 139.000, the CPVO uses the open call for tenders’ procedure.


To view the procurement documents for a call of interest to you, please consult the table below. There you will find links to the e-tendering platform, where you can download all procurement instructions and forms related to that specific call (invitation letter, tender specifications, draft contract and any templates necessary for offer submission).


Tenders between EUR 15 000 and EUR 139 000
Ex-ante publicity
Procurement documents

All tenderers should carefully read and follow the instructions in the General Guidance on CPVO Procurements.


The following additional documents and forms should be read and/or completed, as required.


Participation in Inter-institutional procedures

The CPVO participates each year in Inter-Institutional Procedures with the European Commission and/or other European Agencies. The CPVO publishes here the list of Specific contracts concluded by the CPVO under other Institutions’ Framework contracts’ in accordance with the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the Union of July 2018 and the CPVO Financing regulation of 1 July 2019.



Anti-fraud strategy

The CPVO has put in place an anti-fraud strategy, in line with its financial regulation and implementing rules.


The anti-fraud strategy complements existing policies and procedures such as the CPVO code of conduct and CPVO’s policy on handling conflicts of interests, thereby reinforcing the Agency’s commitment to the highest standards of integrity.


The overall objective of the anti-fraud strategy is to improve prevention, detection and the conditions for investigation of fraud, in close collaboration with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), and to pursue adequate deterrence and reparation, with proportionate and dissuasive sanctions.


Fraud is defined in the applicable legal texts as an intentional breach of a rule with the aim of obtaining a gain, which may or not have a direct impact on the financial interests of the EU. It may include misbehaviours that have a reputational impact.


The CPVO will report any instance of suspected fraud to OLAF, which is exclusively competent to investigate such cases. In this context, potential beneficiaries, candidates, tenderers and participants are informed that (in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Regulation (EC) 45/2001 and Decision No 1247/2002/EC), for the purposes of safeguarding the financial interests of the Union, their personal data may be transferred to the Financial Irregularities Panel or to the OLAF.


The CPVO aims to strengthen an anti-fraud culture at all levels of the organisation and provides relevant training.

Privacy Statement

Title Status Procurement Type Deadline for Applications e-Tendering
Market Prospection for acquisition of new building 2022-01 Open Negotiated procedure 15 July 2022
Open call for tenders N° 2022-01/ON-SITE IT INFRASTRUCTURE Closed Open procedure 10 March 2022 view
Open call for tenders N° 2021-01/SECU-SERV Closed Open procedure 15 March 2021 view
Open Call for tenders N° 2019-03/IP LEGAL SUPPORT Closed Open procedure 29 November 2019 view
Open Call for tenders N° 2019-01/IT DEV Closed Open procedure 17 May 2019
Open call for tenders N° 2018-01/Infrastructure en Régie Closed Open procedure 23 February 2018
Open call for tenders N° 2016-03/SECU-SERV Closed Open procedure 18 November 2016
Open call for tenders N° 2016-07/EVAL-EXT-COMM Closed Open procedure 23 September 2016
Open call for tenders N° 2015-11/IT Closed Open procedure 12 February 2016
Open call for tenders N° 2015-08/WEB Closed Open procedure 15 January 2016
Open call for tenders N° 2015-05/LEGAL Closed Open procedure 15 January 2016
Open call for tenders N° 2015-02/AUDIT Closed Open procedure 26 June 2015
Open Tender Procedure N°2014-02/LEGAL-SERVICES-ECJ Closed Open procedure 06 June 2014
Open Tender Procedure N°2014-05/CLEANING Closed Open procedure 28 May 2014
Open Tender Procedure N°2014-01/IT-INFRASTRUCTURE Closed Open procedure 14 March 2014
Open Tender Procedure N° 2013-07/LANGUAGE-TRAINING Closed Open procedure 31 January 2014
Negotiated tender n° 2013-03/Banking Closed Negotiated procedure 07 October 2013
Open Tender Procedure N° 2013-05/IT-DEV Closed Open procedure 19 July 2013
Open Tender Procedure N° 2012-06/EXCHANGE-PLATFORM Closed Open procedure 28 September 2012
Call for tenders Nr 2011-01/CPVO-INTERNAL-AUDIT Closed Open procedure 28 January 2011
Open Tender Procedure N°2010-09/ROSE-PROJECT Closed Open procedure 12 November 2010
Open Tender Procedure N°2010-03/CLEANING Closed Open procedure 21 May 2010
Open Tender Procedure n° 2009-06/CPVO-EVALUATION Closed Open procedure 28 August 2009
Call for tender “BANKING-2008” Closed Open procedure 08 August 2008
Call for expressions of interest for building work Closed Open procedure 12 May 2008
Call for tenders n°2007/S 129-157466: "Framework contract for services in support of the CPVO Corporate Identity" Closed Open procedure 27 September 2007
Call for tenders n°2007/S 132-161316: "Supply, implementation and maintenance of software for Electronic Management of Documents" Closed Open procedure 06 September 2007
Call for tenders n°2007/S 126-153600: "Service contract for the supply, implementation and maintenance of an integrated budgetary and general accounting system" Closed Open procedure 05 September 2007
Call for tenders n°2006/S 235-250752: "Internal audit function for the CPVO, audit of examination offices and assistance with their accreditation" Closed Open procedure 18 January 2007
Call for tenders n °2006/S 45-046798: "Expertise and technical assistance with regard to software and databases installed on the CPVO servers" Closed Open procedure 05 May 2006
Call for tenders for a study on "Integrated solution for electronic management and archiving of documents" Closed Open procedure 17 March 2006
Call for tenders for the "Renovation and conversion of the CPVO's ancillary offices - architectural design and project management" Closed Open procedure 24 October 2005