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Francesco Mattina, president of the CPVO, participated in a televised roundtable debate in the context of the programme: “Semence Mag“.

The programme is organized by SEMAE, a French inter-professional association that brings together all the actors in the seed sector. SEMAE will create a  #VillageSemences television set, a true media platform for the agricultural world which will broadcast programmes from the "Salon International de l’Agriculture" 2023 throughout the entire duration of the expo. The "Salon International de l’Agriculture" is the most important agricultural show in France and one of the largest agricultural trade fairs in the world. 

The theme of the televised roundtable was: "The conditions of seed sovereignty / Who owns the living? There are several systems in the world: the patent and the plant variety certificate (UPOV). What are the advantages and disadvantages of each system". With CPVO President Francesco Mattina, Yolanda Huerta from the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV), Laurent Jacquiau and Pascal Berthelot.

The roundtable debate took place on February 28, 14:55, and was broadcasted on the YouTube channel: #VillageSemence.

Watch it again here: Semence Mag - A qui appartient le vivant ? - YouTube