Given the exceptional circumstances and the heavy disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis across the EU, the President of the CPVO has taken the decision to extend deadlines that fall in the period 17 March – 3 May included, until 4 May 2020 for parties to proceedings before the CPVO and the Board of Appeal.

Check our dedicated webpage gathering all important information and CPVO’s decisions concerning COVID-19.


In the context of a webinar organised with Végépolys Valley to explain the Europrean Union's PVR system, the Community Plant Vriety Office has produced together with GEVES a short video explaining the technical examination (DUS) process for candidate varieties of Hydrangea. The video is currently available in French and the full webinar recorded today by Végépolys Valley will be made available on the CPVO website in July.

Play video: "OCVV 2020: L'examen DHS"