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As from 15 April 2021, the CPVO counts on a publicly accessible centralised Register of Records of processing activities being carried out within the remit of the Office where personal data are processed. Making available the centralised Register of Records to the public at large is a legal obligation for European Union Institutions, Bodies, and agencies, based on Article 31(5) of Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 (“EUDPR”).

The Register of Records can be found in the Data Protection section of the CPVO website and is available for download below. The Register has been conceived as a user-friendly living document, where the information therein provided is accurate and up-to-date. Accordingly, all records are first internally validated by the respective competent CPVO Data Controllers, and the content of the Register will be regularly reviewed.

The Register contains an Index including hyperlinks which, upon a single click, can take the user directly to the desired record. Any data subject interested in learning how his/her data are being treated, can then easily find the information sought. More precisely, the information reflected in the records is that listed in Article 31(1) of the EUDPR, for instance: description of the processing operation in question, name and contact details of the Controller of the data and of the Data Protection Officer, name of the processors (and sub-processors, if any) of the data, and period of retention of the data, amongst other.