Brussels, Angers, October 2017               


Following the notice of 7 July 2017, an update is hereby presented about the "New Species Procedure" organised by CPVO. The purpose of that procedure was to ensure that, as from 30 March 2019 at the latest, an entrustment of Examination Offices in the Union takes place for 324 botanical taxa for which an actual application for a Community Plant Variety Right has been received by the CPVO and which currently can only be tested in Examination Offices in the United Kingdom.


That procedure has progressed satisfactorily and 6 Examination Offices have been entrusted in the Union for 322 of the above species (see Annex ‘Examination offices entrusted: outcome of the enquiry of 2017-B’). However, taking into account the need for some Examination Offices to adapt to the new technical expectations,  DUS tests for some species can only start in October 2018 or January 2019 (see the last column ‘Earliest start date for testing’ of the Annex ).


Annex: Examination Offices entrusted: outcom of the enquiry of 2017-B

Examination Offices entrusted: outcome of the enquiry of 2017-B