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The CPVO would like to inform all applicants of a fee adjustment for the testing of pharmaceutical Cannabis sativa L. varieties (PCS). As of 1 January 2020, the new fee for PCS technical examination will be 2020€ per growing period.

On 3 September 2019, the CPVO and Naktuinbouw revised the Designation Agreement and thereby adjusted the level of remuneration that the CPVO pays to Naktuinbouw for testing pharmaceutical Cannabis varieties (PCS). Following this adjustment the CPVO decided to change the technical examination fee that applicants pay to the CPVO for PCS varieties in order to reflect more fairly the conditions and costs of the technical examination.

In practice, the CPVO moved PCS from fee group 4 (“other agricultural species”) to fee group 8 (“species with living reference collection, requiring cultivation in greenhouse”).

One reason for the move is that PCS’ testing facilities require the same testing environment –as defined in fee group 8 and, in addition, a secured greenhouse requiring cultivation permit from the Dutch Health ministry.

Another reason is the growing popularity of the PCS over the years. Back in 2014, the number of PCS applications was marginal and the CPVO placed PCS in fee group 4, with a view to enter a piloting phase. The fees for applicants was set at a much lower level than the actual costs for the technical examination at that time to avoid a prohibitive high level of the fee.

In 2019 the situation is very different. The CPVO received over 95 PCS applications in the last 48 months and this fee adjustment is the result of a cost calculation exercise between the CPVO and Naktuinbouw.

Evolution of PCS testing fee paid by applicants

Until 31/12/2019  (Fee group 4)

As of 01/01/2020 (Fee group 8)

€1530 for one growing period

€2020 for one growing period

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Decision of the President on the change of fee group concerning pharmaceutical Cannabis variety applications