A new application form (version of 01/07/2015) is now online.

It was reviewed in the light of the new reception procedure.

Summary of the new features:

  1. For applications filed electronically, the applicant or the procedural representative (if any) should provide an e-mail address to enable the Office to serve Decisions and communications.
  2. In case of several applicants, the first-named applicant will be deemed to be the representative. It’s not necessary, in such cases, to provide a representative form, the first-named will be deemed to represent all co-applicants for all acts and proceedings before the Office including surrenders.
  3. Only electronic copies of supporting documents (priority, deed of assignment, or representative forms) need to be provided when filing and when remedying to missing elements as requested in the receipt. The Office may ask to provide original supporting paper documents in case of doubt, to be provided only if explicitly requested to do so
  4. The indication of the geographical origin is now to be indicated under point 05.05 of the application form.