The CPVO is progressively moving to a paperless Office. In this context, the President of the CPVO decided that as from 23 April 2012, the original of the Decisions to grant Community plant variety rights and Certificates of protection will no longer be issued on paper but as electronic documents bearing an electronic signature.

In a transitional phase, a printout of these documents including the official variety description will continue to be sent on paper to applicants or their procedural representatives, together with details on how to access the original documents on the secured area of the CPVO website.

In order to access to the original electronic documents on the secured area of the CPVO website, please use the following link: and use your login/password to access to your own client area. Your documents are available in the area ‘scanned documents’. The title consists of 3 documents, in that order: the Decision, the Certificate and the Variety Description(s). They can be downloaded one by one or zipped and downloaded in one go.

In the future, it is the intention of the Office to stop sending printouts on a systematic basis but only on request. A further announcement will be published before this new procedure is implemented.