Given the exceptional circumstances and the heavy disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis across the EU, the President of the CPVO has taken the decision to extend deadlines that fall in the period 17 March – 3 May included, until 4 May 2020 for parties to proceedings before the CPVO and the Board of Appeal.

Check our dedicated webpage gathering all important information and CPVO’s decisions concerning COVID-19.


At the meeting on 4 October 2017, the members of the Administrative Council elected the new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the AC, the new Chairman of the Audit Advisory Board, and adopted several important documents for the upcoming years:

  • New Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Administrative Council

The members of the Administrative Council elected for the next 3 years Ms Bistra Pavlovska from Bulgaria as Chairperson of the AC and Mr Marien Valstar from the Netherlands as Vice-Chairperson. Both mandates run from 4 October 2017 until 3 October 2020.

The CPVO is supervised by an Administrative Council comprising representatives of the Member States and the European Commission and their alternates. The AC monitors the activities of the Office. In particular, it is responsible for examining the President’s management report, adopting the Office’s budget and granting discharge to the President in respect of its implementation. In addition, it can provide advice, establish rules on working methods within the Office and issue guidelines on technical examinations, committees of the Office and general matters.

  • M. Geert Dancet appointed Chairman of the Audit Advisory Board

The CPVO Administrative Council appointed Mr Geert Dancet as the new Chair of the AAB.

Mr Dancet who is currently the Executive Director of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki has been pivotal in setting up ECHA as one of the largest regulatory agencies in the EU and has profound experience in public administration committed to independence, transparency and efficiency. Under his leadership, the AAB will provide independent advice to the members of the AC in respect of any complaint raised in the context of the audit programme for the entrusted examination offices. His willingness to accept this role is much appreciated by the members of the AC and by the CPVO.

  • Adoption of CPVO strategic plan 2017-2021

On 4 October, the members of the AC adopted the Strategic Plan 2017-2021 of the CPVO which provides an overall vision for the future up to 2021 and elaborates on that vision, detailing the activities planned each year on a rolling 3 year basis.

The vision of the CPVO is to be a dynamic, people-driven IP organisation, highly recognised within industry and stakeholders. As part of a strong network of IP players, it contributes to a coherent and harmonized legal framework for the benefit of its stakeholders and will be a ‘natural choice’ for protection of plant varieties.

The strategic vision is based on the raison d’être of the CPVO laid down in its mission statement:

"To deliver and promote an efficient Intellectual Property Rights system

that supports the creation of new plant varieties for the benefit of Society".

 This will be achieved by focusing on two main strategic goals:

- Making PVR the natural choice for the protection of IP related to plant varieties;

- An innovative, people-driven organisation, promoting EU values.

The over-arching objectives of the strategic plan are:

1. Achieving excellence through people – giving life to our values

2. Supporting breeders with a robust and reliable Intellectual Property Right

3. Make the CPVO strong in a strong Intellectual Property network

4. Promoting PVR, in the EU and internationally

The complete CPVO strategic plan 2017-2021 is available here on the CPVO website.

  •  Adoption of the CPVO programming document

In accordance with the requirements of the financial regulations, and after having consulted with the European Commission, the members of the AC adopted the CPVO Programming document which outlines the work program for 2018-2020 and the necessary resources in order for the CPVO to carry out its tasks. This programming document provides the details of how the CPVO plans over the coming years to deliver and promote an efficient intellectual property rights system that supports the creation of new plant varieties for the benefit of Society.

The complete CPVO programming document 2018-2020 is available here on the CPVO website.

  •  Adoption of the new CPVO International strategy

The new CPVO International strategy adopted by the AC at its October meeting underlines the CPVO’s contribution to the harmonisation of the Plant variety rights system at the international level, lays down the guiding principles and modalities for international co-operation and sets priorities for CPVO’s relations with third countries and international organisations.

Improving IP protection systems overseas can offer European companies new business opportunities. The CPVO, together with the Commission services, the Member States and other international organisations, is working outside the EU in an effort to strengthen the CPVR IP protection system. The key elements of this cooperation are exchange of knowledge, and support for EU users on registration and enforcement overseas, in cooperation with the EU Member States.

The complete CPVO International strategy is available here on the CPVO website.

Administrative Council decisions _ October 2017