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Today, as the Euroseeds Congress 2023 unfolds in Malta, the key topics are Seed Marketing Legislation, Plant breeding innovation, and New Genomic Techniques Legislation. The presence of the CPVO President resonates significantly amidst a congregation of seed industry stakeholders.

Within the Maize and Sorghum section, Francesco Mattina, President of the CPVO, will share essential updates with the audience, shedding light on significant aspects of the Agency. He will elaborate on the pivotal role that CPVO plays in advancing plant breeding innovation, a cornerstone for promoting sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security.

This interaction among stakeholders from across Europe and beyond, emboldens the CPVO's mandate of ensuring robust plant variety rights protection within the European Union, thereby propelling forward the wheel of innovation in plant breeding.

The presence of the President at a congress of such importance such also underscore our unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation. This engagement serves as a testament to CPVO’s collaborative stride towards sculpting a vibrant and innovative landscape in plant breeding, resonating with the broader objectives of not just the European seed industry, and beyond.

As the President engages with industry stakeholders on pertinent issues affecting the seed sector, it mirrors CPVO's proactive engagement in fostering a conducive ambiance for advancements in plant breeding. The Euroseeds Congress is not just a platform for knowledge exchange, but a nexus where the seeds of tomorrow's plant breeding innovation are sown.