The CPVO has released an improved version of its Variety Finder database on 10 December 2020. The Variety Finder database, managed and kept up to date by the CPVO, contains information from 147 registers from 70 countries with a general search tool. It also includes a similarity search tool to test the suitability of denominations.

The new CPVO Variety Finder features key improvements, both in terms of usability, with a more user-friendly and intuitive design, and in terms of functionalities, with new searching functions and the possibility to use our application programing interface (API). We have listed the most significant changes and have presented screenshots of the new functionalities in this PDF document

Launched in 2005, CPVO's Variety Finder gathers nearly 1 200 000 varieties and over 1 300 000 denominations. On average, the Variety Finder triggers over 80 000 denomination similarity tests per year. 

To find more information on the data contained the Variety Finder and to access the database:


Variety Finder 2020 - new functionalities