Developing continuous knowledge and staying at the forefront of research advancements is the daily bread of an agency like the CPVO. Today provided an opportunity for Member of the European Parliament Christophe Clergeau to be a part of this, as he visited the IRHS (Institute of Research in Horticulture and Seeds) to meet with researchers working on genome editing.

The IRHS is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 1345) under the supervision of INRAE, the Rennes-Angers Agro Institute and the University of Angers.

The visit allowed him to understand the techniques, applications, and to discuss the challenges involved, and also included a quick tour of the experimental facilities, particularly the phenotyping platform.

While the day was packed with presentations on genome editing, seed bio-inspired agrosolutions, and technological advancements in fruit species, Mattina's presence was a constant reminder of the importance of plant variety in achieving sustainability goals.

Angers, a city already renowned for its contributions to agriculture and horticulture, is also the proud home of the CPVO.

Being rooted in Angers allows us to be at the forefront of agricultural innovation, and today's visit is a testament to that.

Francesco Mattina underscored the essential role of collaborations like this one, in uniting diverse stakeholders, research institutions, and the CPVO to encourage innovation and meet the objectives of the Green Deal.