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The CPVO launches a new online tool called "e-Proceedings". 

Until today, filing legal proceedings with the CPVO was only possible by email or by regular post. As of now, the new "e-Proceedings" feature within the CPVO User Area makes this a lot easier, while at the same time ensuring its legal reliability.  

With "e-Proceedings" users will be able to file, in an intuitive way, an Objection, a Nullity petition, a Cancellation request, a Restitutio in Integrum request or an Appeal regarding one or more Community Plant Variety Rights (CPVRs). For each CPVR, users will be able to see in the system which legal proceedings they can file. Using "e-Proceedings" will make users’ experience with the CPVO more transparent and easier at the same time. 

By choosing to file a legal e-proceeding via the CPVO User Area, you will save time whilst also helping the transition to an email-free environment. In particular, after filing a legal proceeding, you will automatically get a confirmation of receipt, via the new Communication Centre which has been developed and launched in parallel to E-Proceedings and which is also available within the CPVO User Area.

All further messages regarding the legal procedure will also take place via said Communication Centre. Both new applications are very easy to work with and constitute a safe and trustworthy means of exchange of communications with the CPVO. e-Proceedings combined with the new Communication Centre will allow you to better manage your flow of communication with the Office.  

Should you wish to file a legal proceeding via e-Proceedings, the following tutorial videos available on YouTube might come in handy: