Technical examinations which are initiated or are to be approved by the Community Plant Variety Office must be performed in accordance
with the test guidelines which have been adopted by the Administrative Council.
Technical examinations started prior to the decision are not affected unless otherwise announced.
The plant species concerned as well as the date of the decision are accordingly published in the Official Gazette of the Office.
The technical protocol can be consulted through the website of the Office, or upon request can be transmitted by the Office.
Technical questionnaires for the plant species called in question were amended accordingly. The technical questionnaires can be downloaded
from the website, or upon request can be sent by the Office.

Decisions were taken in respect of the following plant species:

Brassica oleracea - broccoli CPVO-TP/151/2 Rev CPVO-TQ/151/2 Rev
Brassica oleracea - Brussels sprouts CPVO-TP/054/2 Rev CPVO-TQ/054/2 Rev
Brassica oleracea - cabbage CPVO-TP/048/3 Rev CPVO-TQ/048/3 Rev
Brassica oleracea - cauliflower CPVO-TP/045/2 Rev CPVO-TQ/045/2 Rev
Brassica oleracea - kohlrabi CPVO-TP/065/1 Rev CPVO-TQ/065/1 Rev
Capsicum annuum L. CPVO-TP/076/2 Rev CPVO-TQ/076/2 Rev
Cucurbita maxima Duch. x Cucurbita moschata Duch. CPVO-TP/311/1 CPVO-TQ/311/1
Glycine max (L). Merrill CPVO-TP/080/1 CPVO-TQ/080/1
Lactuca sativa L. CPVO-TP/013/5 Rev.2 CPVO-TQ/013/5 Rev.2
Lagenaria siceraria CPVO-TP/313/1 CPVO-TQ/313/1
Ocimum basilicum L. CPVO-TP/202/2 CPVO-TQ/202/2
Petunia Juss CPVO-TP/212/2 CPVO-TQ/212/2
Pisum sativum L. CPVO-TP/007/2 Rev.2 CPVO-TQ/007/2 Rev.2
Poa Pratensis L. CPVO-TP/033/1 CPVO-TQ/033/1
Raphanus sativus L. var oleiformis Pers. CPVO-TP/178/1 CPVO-TQ/178/1
Sinapis alba L. CPVO-TP/179/1 CPVO-TQ/179/1
Solanum tuberosum L. CPVO-TP/023/3 CPVO-TQ/023/3
Spinacea oleracea L. CPVO-TP/055/5 Rev.2 CPVO-TQ/055/5 Rev.2
Tomato rootstocks (partial revision) CPVO-TP/294/1 Rev.2 CPVO-TQ/294/1 Rev.2