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The European Commission issued on 3 November 2016 a Notice on certain articles of Directive 98/44/EC, in which, inter alia, it expressed it’s views on the patentability of products (plants or animals) produced by essentially biological processes. The Commission concluded that the EU legislator’s intention when adopting the Directive was to exclude such products from patentability. 

The Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation decided on 29 June 2017 to amend Rules 27 and 28 of the European Patent Convention.

This decision and the following topics:

  • patentability criteria
  • latest developments of the Plant Variety System
  • benefits of protection
  • transparency and access to information and to innovation

will be presented by decision makers and experts from the Commission, the EPO, the CPVO, associations and the private sector on 29 November in Brussels.

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