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Francesco Mattina, President of the CPVO, guest speaker at the Master in Food Law at LUISS, tomorrow 14 April.

The event will take place in Rome in the premises of CREA, the Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultual Economics, jointly organized by LUISS and CREA. The seminar will start with the opening greetings of the CREA Director General, Dr. Stefano Vaccari, and Dr. Daniela Corona, Academic Coordinator of the Master in Food Law.

The speech by CPVO President, will focus on: "The role of plant breeding to strengthen farmers' tools towards a more sustainable food chain: how the Community Plant Variety Scheme stimulates plant innovation".

Among the various key EU policies, the Green Deal objectives and the action plan on intellectual property testify to the importance of the development and protection of new plant varieties for European society.

Thanks to this system, a recent joint study conducted by the CPVO and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) shows that companies that protect their innovations by registering plant variety rights employ more than 70,000 workers and generate a turnover of more than EUR 35 billion.

Annual greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and horticulture are reduced by 62 million tons per year. This corresponds to the total greenhouse gas footprint of Hungary, Ireland or Portugal.

Furthermore, water use in agriculture and horticulture is reduced by more than 14 billion cubic meters, an amount equivalent to one third of the volume of Lake Constance.


You can follow it online from 10:30 to 12:30 in this link