Breeders are facing difficulties when enforcing their Community and National plant variety rights. An important reason for this phenomenon is the insufficient knowledge of the applicable legislation amongst the parties concerned.

For this reason, the Community Plant Variety Office organized seminars on the  plant variety rights legislation, especially as concerns enforcement issues, in Brussels (2005), Warsaw (2006), Madrid (2007), Sofia and Bucharest (2008) and Athens (2010). These seminars were very much appreciated by the participants; Reason for the CPVO to continue with this activity.

It will, in close co-operation with the breeders organizations CIOPORA and ESA and the Bundessortenamt, organize a similar seminar in Hamburg, Germany, on 25 May 2011.

This seminar aims at sharing information and experience on the enforcement of plant variety rights in Germany and neighboring countries, in particular the Scandinavian and Baltic States.

Around 150 participants are expected to attend, intellectual property practitioners specialized in plant variety protection, but also breeders, farmers, trade companies, lawyers, judges and government representatives. They will share information and experience relating to the enforcement of plant variety rights in order to raise the awareness of the applicable legislation.

This seminar is free (no fee required).

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