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Highlands Potplants, a leading name in the cultivation of Agapanthus Amourette®, sheds light on their journey, challenges, and the role of the CPVO system in ensuring the protection of plant varieties. Here's an insight into their world.


Could you briefly describe the work of Highlands Potplants?

Highlands Potplants specializes in the cultivation of Agapanthus Amourette®. In addition to this, we also offer the Agapanthus Big with broad leaves. Our product range in Agapanthus is diverse, available in pots ranging from 13 to 40 in various colors. We manage multiple aspects of the chain, including breeding, young plant production, and the cultivation of the end product.

Agapanthus Amourette ®.


How is your organisation adapting to the challenges posed by climate change?

Our Agapanthus production primarily takes place inside greenhouses, allowing us better climate control. However, extremely hot days can pose challenges. A significant criterion in our breeding process is the plant's resilience against climate factors, such as heat and wet conditions.


How do you perceive the role of biodiversity in the future of plant genetics, and how can the CPVO system aid in its protection and promotion?

Biodiversity is vital for the evolution of plants and animals, ensuring nature's life cycle remains balanced. For us, as plant breeders, biodiversity is essential for developing improved cultivars. The existing plant breeders' rights are vital for breeders to protect their cultivars and make them commercially viable. However, for biodiversity, it's crucial to allow crossbreeding of all plant cultivars, leading to optimal crossbreeding results.


How can the plant breeding industry contribute to sustainability goals and the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

As breeders, we've noticed a shift in selection criteria over the years. It's not just about the color or production anymore but also about resistance and plant sensitivity to external factors.


Can you share your experience with the plant variety protection system and the reasons behind opting for it?

The plant variety system is indispensable for breeders. Without its protection, it's challenging for a breeder to thrive. This protection allows breeders to derive value from their breeding, which is essential for a sustainable business.


What challenges and opportunities do you foresee for PVR in your industry?

The primary challenge lies in controlling the protection of breeders' varieties to maximize value and encourage breeding. However, a potential opportunity for PVR is collaboration with international markets, especially the US and Canada.


What were the main challenges you encountered with the CPVO system, and how did you address them?

Initially, navigating the procedure was a bit challenging. However, the CPVO's excellent service and accessibility made the process smoother.


How does Highlands Potplants benefit from the legal certainty provided by the CPVO system?

This legal certainty is crucial for making our business viable.


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