In this media interview with European Seed Magazine, Francesco Mattina, Vice-President of the CPVO, speaks about the 25th anniversary of the Community Plant Variety Office and, in particular, some more controversial policy topics, such as:

  • The INVITE EU R&D project
  •  The EU Regulation 2018/848 (on organic production) which provides for the marketing of Organic Heterogeneous Material and for organic varieties. 
  • Essentially Derived Varieties (EDVs)
  • New breeding techniques 
  • The recent decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the case C-176/18 (‘Nadorcott’)
  • Europe’s system for Farm-Saved Seeds

The interview is available on pages 36-38 of the print version of the European Seed magazine published in September 2020. 

Check the online version of the article for the full interview. 

You can also read the interview "CPVO celebrating 25 years - Part I" published in April with CPVO President Martin Ekvad. 

Celebrating 25 years of CPVO (Part II)