In this media interview given to European Seed Magazine, Martin Ekvad, President of the CPVO, speaks about the 25th anniversary of the Community Plant Variety Office. 

  • How the developments of the CPVO have been for the past 25 years?
  • What are CPVO's international relations and outreach activities?
  • What are the main achievements of the CPVO?
  • What are the remaining challenges?
  • How does BREXIT impacts the work of the CPVO?
  • Views on molecular tools for plant variety testing? 


Source: European Seed.

You can also read the digital version of the April 2020 issue of the European Seed magazine, in which you will find the CPVO article on page 32-36.

Please note that the interview "Celebrating 25 years of CPVO - Part II", with Vice-President Francesco Mattina, is published in European Seed Magazine in September 2020 - you can read it here

Interview Martin Ekvad: 25th anniversary of CPVO