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AIPPI's visit to the CPVO

Ralph Nack, the First Deputy Reporter General of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), successfully concluded his highly anticipated visit to the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) today. This landmark event fostered collaboration, exchange of ideas, and explored opportunities in the field of plant variety protection. 

During his visit, Mr. Nack engaged in a series of meetings and discussions with key representatives of CPVO, including its President and senior officials. The agenda included an exploration of shared challenges, strategies to enhance plant variety protection mechanisms, and potential avenues for cooperation. 

This first meeting between the two organizations proved to be useful not only in exploring possible modes of collaboration but also in assessing the broader situation of PVR (Plant Variety Rights). Leveraging the CPVO's deep industry knowledge, the most pressing and sensitive issues were addressed to enlighten the representative of AIPPI. 

Another significant moment was reached through the organization of a virtual meeting with leading breeders' organizations. Their privileged perspective on current issues formed the foundation upon which potential collaborative activities can build. 

As a tangible outcome, the head of the Legal Unit will participate in the upcoming 2023 AIPPI World Congress in Turkey to further strengthen the ties between the two entities.