Surrenders and withdrawals can be sent electronically to the office provided the surrender or withdrawal declaration is sent as an attachment to the e-mail addressed to the office. Surrenders and withdrawals can also be sent by fax, by post or hand delivered. Only the holder can surrender their rights. The holder can authorise a representative to surrender by proxy, if so the case the credentials provided to the office must explicitly refer to an authorisation given to the representative to surrender in the name of the holder. The Office sends confirmations of surrenders and withdrawals.


In order to avoid liability for the next annual fee, a request for surrender needs to reach the Office before the anniversary of the date of the grant of the CPVR. Once the anniversary date of the grant of the CPVR has passed, the annual fee is due.


For applications where the technical examination is in progress, the fee for the technical examination will not be refunded. To avoid unnecessary examination fees, where possible, the withdrawal of an application should reach the Office before the submission date for plant material.