Online applications:
With the 2014 revised reception procedure, online applicants only need to append to the online application scanned deeds of assignments and scanned representative forms (credentials). The office may however request an original if in doubt as to the accuracy of the document.

Paper applications:
Application forms filed by parties to proceedings need to bear an original signature in ink.
As to all other forms and supporting documents, including deeds of assignment and procedural representative forms (or credentials such as powers of attorney) they can be provided in copy.
Notes for applicants 7 Last update: January 4th, 2016

You can thus send the Office any of the following documents either:
- electronically as an attachment to an e-mail
(to be sent exclusively to the following office address: cpvo [at] (cpvo[at]cpvo[dot]europa[dot]eu))
- or by fax or in paper copy:

  • an objection to the grant of a CPVR,
  • a notice of appeal against a decision of the Office,
  • a written statement setting out the grounds of appeal,
  • a document sent in support of an application for a CPVR already filed, including a proposal for a variety denomination (NB – not an application form itself, new CPVO applications must either be filed online or on paper and, paper applications must be sent by post, or be hand delivered to the office),
  • a document sent in response to a letter from the Office setting a deadline for reply,
  • a declaration of surrender of a CPVR,
  • a declaration of withdrawal of an application.

In case of doubt, the Office may insist on providing original paper documents or certified copies thereof.