Which information can be found in the database?


Each record is categorized with the register type:

  • PBR (Plant Breeders’ Rights): Rights granted to the breeder of a new plant variety that give their holder exclusive control over the propagation of their variety for a number of years over a certain territory.
  • NLI (National Lists): Lists of varieties of agricultural and vegetable species eligible for marketing over a certain territory.
  • COM (Commercial registers): Varieties present in a register of commercialized varieties. The Variety Finder mainly includes commercial registers for the Netherlands
  • PLP: (Plant Patents): some countries offer the possibility to protect plant varieties with patents
  • ZZZ: Others types of registers not covered by the existing types of registers.
  • EUTM: European Union Trade marks registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). These trademarks are registered in class 31 of the “Nice classification”, which contains living plants

For each record, you can find information on the variety (denomination, breeder, applicant, country of application etc…)