The CPVO has been drafting the strategic plan for the coming years, and had launched a stakeholder consultation through an on-line survey to obtain feedback and input on the future direction of the Office.

Preparing and positioning the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) for the years to come requires the ambition to be a key player in the evolving Intellectual Property and plant variety landscape, the openness to developing as an organisation on the basis of a partnership approach and the necessary financial and human resources to best serve our stakeholders.

The on-line survey provided a comprehensive feedback as most of the 35 respondents addressed all areas of the draft strategy document. The overall reactions have been very positive and particularly supportive for the mission statement, the Office’s values and the strategic objectives.

Several adjustments were made to the draft in response to the survey in order to enhance its clarity. CPVO’s stakeholders were defined in more detail. Most of the aspects suggested for addition to the document have already been taken into consideration in existing policies or are subject of subsequent and more detailed planning documents. Transparency, good administrative behavior, sound financial management, striving for efficiency and level playing field for competitors etc. are recognised as guiding principles of a horizontal nature. Comments emphasising the importance of a strong protection to strengthen enforcement of PVRs, the relevance of networking with other EU Institutions and national Authorities and reinforcing cooperation confirmed the strategic direction. This also highlights that the quality of services provided by the Office is a priority for users. The predominantly constructive feedback was much appreciated.

The improved final draft that is both ambitious and strongly supported by our stakeholders will now be presented to the CPVO’s Administrative Council for discussion and subsequent endorsement.