Access to CPVO online services

  • How can I define or change my password?

    Please go to the authentification page, click on link "Need Help?", and select "I've lost my password". You will be requested to enter your login. If the login is found, you will shortly after receive an automated email containing a link to redefine the password. This link is only valid for 48 hours. In case the delay is past, you can do the same procedure again. In case the login was not recognised by the system, please refer to the other option "I've lost my login" to retrieve your login.

  • How can I retrieve my login?

    If you are unsure of your login, please go to the authentification page, click on link "Need Help?", and select "I've lost my login".

    You will be requested to provide your email address, and will shortly after receive an automated email with the list of login(s) related to the provided email address.

  • My login or password is not recognised, what should I do?

    You should firstly make sure that you type your login in small letters only (although the system will enforce this). You should eventually retrieve your login using the link "Need Help?" provided on the authentification page. Your password can also very quickly be redefined using the same link. Please note that passwords are case sensitive, are at minimum 6 characters long, and should contain at least a capital letter, a small letter and a digit. As a general security rule, it is recommended to have longer passwords including special characters as well (for example - _ , ; : ! * $)

  • What services are available with my login/password?

    A  general  user will have access by default to the Variety Finder (see description) and the Online Applications System to apply online for Plant Variety Protection to the CPVO.

    An applicant, holder or related procedural representative will have access to the aforementioned services plus MyPVR which is a dedicated website to consult files, documents, and exchange information related to their files with the Office.