Preparing and positioning the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) for the years to come requires the ambition to be a key player in the evolving Intellectual Property and plant variety landscape, the openness to developing as an organisation on the basis of a partnership approach and the necessary financial and human resources to best serve our stakeholders.

In this context supporting stakeholders in accessing, using and exploiting the IP system for the protection of plant varieties on the basis of a cost-efficiency approach remains an important challenge for the CPVO. Working together with its stakeholders, the network of Examination Offices, of the EU Agencies and other IP players the CPVO has promoted the sharing of information and expertise  and has helped implementing EU policies more efficiently and responding to particular needs identified by the EU institutions and Member States.

We are now preparing our strategic plan for the coming years, and would like to have your input. A draft proposal for the strategic plan is available here. We intend to finalise this document for presentation to the CPVO Administrative Council meeting in March 2017. The strategic plan will serve as the framework for the multiannual programming documents

We have prepared a short survey form so that you can provide your valuable feedback and input on the future direction of the Office. The deadline for responses is 3 February 2017.