The Quality Audit Service (QAS) performs assessments of CPVO entrusted examination offices throughout the EU, ensuring efficient and harmonised technical examinations of new plant varieties, which in turn guarantee an effective level of IP protection

The webinar, organised in cooperation with th Europan IP Helpdesk, will illustrate the objectives of QAS, how it is structured, and how it acts in an independent impartial manner from the rest of the CPVO organisation. We shall go through all the steps of a typical assessment exercise by QAS of an examination office until its eventual entrustment by the CPVO’s Administrative Council. The webinar will seek to instruct the participants on how a QAS system is an effective means to ensure harmonised and high quality, impartial technical examinations of plant varieties within the EU, and how such a system can be promulgated to other regions in the world with IP protection of plant varieties.

WHEN: Thursday 17 February 2022, 10:30 to 12:00

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