Applicants are requested to provide a picture as an annex to the technical questionnaire of each application for ornamental and fruit varieties. The experience shows that many factors can influence the usefulness of such pictures for the organisation of technical examinations. While taking a picture, applicants should consider the following points:

Purposes of the picture:

  • To show the specific characteristics of the candidate variety
  • To help in the organisation of the technical examination: trial design, selection of reference varieties.
  • To be included in the file corresponding to the application, showing the identity of the candidate variety.

The quality of the picture:

The picture should be in colour and of a minimum format of 10 cm x 15 cm. Colours on a picture depend on various factors, as the camera and eventually the screen on which it is displayed in case of digital picture. Before sending the picture, applicants should check if the picture reflects the true colours of the variety. In case of discrepancy, it should be mentioned in the technical questionnaire.

The conditions of taking a picture:

A picture is particularly useless if it is misleading. It should be reminded that the plants should show the typical characteristics of the variety. If the picture has been taken under particular conditions (e.g. in winter and indoor for a variety intended for outdoor growth), such characteristics might not be expressed and this should be mentioned in the Technical Questionnaire.

Some basic recommendations on the conditions to take a picture:

  • Picture should be taken when the plant is fully developed. If relevant in full flower, during the normal flowering season of the candidate variety.
  • Any special treatment of the plant such as growth regulators should be avoided; if this is not possible, it should be indicated by the applicant in the technical questionnaire.
  • Direct sunlight should be avoided, i.e. the plant should be placed in shadow or the picture should be taken on a cloudy day.
  • Addition of a measuring rod on the picture could be helpful.
  • In order to fix the colour of an organ, the relevant colour patch of the Royal Horticultural Society colour chart could be added on the picture. - It could also be helpful to show on the picture the candidate variety and the closest reference variety side-by-side indicating which is which.

The part of the plant photographed

According to the Announcement No 1/98 of the Office (Official Gazette of the CPVO 2/1998) the applicants are requested to provide a photograph of the plant as a whole and where pertinent a closeup photograph of the flower/fruit or any other relevant part of the plant. This requirement seems to be sufficient for the purpose of the ornamental sector; however, in some cases it might be useful to ask for an additional photograph of a specific plant organ.

Detailed pictures showing a combination of the different plant organs can be accepted instead of a whole plant picture.