The application is complete ‘R-Form’

Once your application has reached the office and all requirements according to Art. 50 of Council Regulation 2100/94 are fulfilled, the Office sends an acknowledgement of receipt to the applicant or if a procedural representative has been appointed, to the latter giving the date of application and the file number of the application. Please read this form carefully because, even though an application date has been allocated, additional information may be required by the Office, when an ‘R-Form’ with remark(s) has been issued. The file number should be used in all correspondence with the Office in respect of that specific variety.

The application is not yet valid ‘No-Form’

A ‘No-form’ is issued and sent to the applicant (or to the procedural representative) when the application does not fulfil the requirements laid down in Art. 50 of Council Regulation 2100/94. All missing information is specified in such a ‘No-Form’. An application date will only be allocated when all deficiencies are remedied within one month from the date of issue of the ‘No-Form’.

The ‘C-Form’

A ‘C-form’ is issued and sent to the applicant when the application fees were received 15 days after the issuance of the ‘R-Form’. The Office informs of the updated application date given as a result of late payment.
A ‘C-Form’ can also be sent to update the client on the file reception. If, for instance, all, none or part of the remedying information is sent in, the Office issues a C-Form, indicating either that all is now valid and complete or indicating what remains missing.