In accordance with article 56(2) of Council Regulation (EC) 21 00/94, technical examinations which are initiated by the Community Plant Variety Office, or technical examinations for which the CPVO  envisages to take over the results, must be performed in accordance with the CPVO test protocols  which have been adopted by the Administrative Council. 

In accordance with article 22(3) of implementing rules 874/2009, in the absence of a decision of the Administrative Council, or a provisional decision of the President of the Office, as to test guidelines established by the Office, the guidelines per genera and species of the UPOV shall apply.  

In the absence of such guidelines, national guidelines developed by a competent authority in charge of the technical examination of a plant variety may be used, provided that the President of the Office agrees to such use. The competent authority shall submit those guidelines to the Office, and the Office shall publish them on its website.

Technical examinations started prior to the date of entry into force are not affected unless otherwise announced. 

Interested parties are encouraged to consult the lists on a regular basis, since there are yearly additions of new protocols, or revisions to existing protocols, in each of the four crop sectors.