The purpose of the S3 is to provide applicants with the list of examination offices which are currently entrusted to carry out the DUS technical examinations on behalf of the CPVO according to the species.

NOTE: a genus entrustment does not stand for all species of the genus, but for:

  • interspecific hybrids where the species making up the hybrid are uncertain (ex. Rosa L.) or
  • complex hybrids involving more than two species of that genus. (example: (Salix schwerinii E. L. Wolf x S. viminalis L.) x (Salix miyabeana Seemen × S. viminalis L.) → Salix L.

In the frame of the UK withdrawal from the EU, the CPVO launched an extraordinary new species procedure 2017-B in June 2017, with the aim to make it possible for Examination Offices in the EU to show their interest to carry out tests for the botanical taxa concerned. The outcome of the procedure has been approved by the Administrative Council on 04 October 2017 and the list of entrusted offices is available here under. The S3 has been updated accordingly.