Numerous technical questionnaires cover specific botanical taxa.

Please take note that when filing for a Community plant variety rights application, the use of a CPVO technical questionnaire is mandatory for each of the botanical taxa where one is available within the following list.

The technical questionnaires can be consulted and downloaded from the CPVO website, or upon request, can be transmitted by the Office.

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CPVO Referencesort descending Common Name Botanical Taxon Crop Sector Publication date Downloads
CPVO/TQ-X08 crocus

Crocus L.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/11/2023
CPVO/TQ-X09 grape hyacinth

Muscari Mill.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/11/2023
CPVO/TQ-X11 triteleia

Triteleia Dougl. ex Lindl.

Ornamental & Forestry 14/08/2020
CPVO/TQ-X12 cotoneaster

Cotoneaster Medik.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/11/2023
CPVO/TQ-X13-KAL2 kalanchoe

Kalanchoe other than Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelln.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/11/2023
CPVO/TQ-X14 lantana

Lantana L.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/11/2023
CPVO/TQ-X15 rudbeckia

Rudbeckia sp.

Ornamental & Forestry 28/02/2023