Numerous technical questionnaires cover specific botanical taxa.

The technical questionnaires marked with an asterisk (*) are those developed and approved in connection with the corresponding CPVO technical protocol. Those technical questionnaires without an asterisk do not have a corresponding CPVO technical protocol, and have been developed according to the existing UPOV guideline. In the absence of either type of technical questionnaire the general CPVO technical questionnaire is available.

Please take note that when filing for a Community plant variety rights application, the use of a CPVO technical questionnaire is mandatory for each of the botanical taxa where one is available within the following list.

The technical questionnaires can be consulted and downloaded from the CPVO website, or upon request, can be transmitted by the Office.

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CPVO Referencesort descending Common Name Botanical Taxon Crop Sector Publication date Downloads
CPVO/TQ-100 quince (fruit varieties and rootstock varieties)

Cydonia oblonga Mill.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-101/1 Christmas cactus

Schlumbergera Lem. (including Zygocactus K. Schum.)

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-102/1-Rev busy lizzie

Impatiens walleriana Hook. f.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-103 juniperus

Juniperus L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-104/2 melon

Cucumis melo L.

CPVO/TQ-105/1 Chinese cabbage

Brassica rapa L. var. pekinensis (Lour.) Kitam.

CPVO/TQ-106/1 leaf beet, Swiss chard

Beta vulgaris L. ssp. vulgaris var. cicla (L.) Ulrich

CPVO/TQ-108/2 gladiolus

Gladiolus L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-109/1 pelargonium

Pelargonium L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-112 mango

Mangifera indica L.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-113 Easter cactus

Rhipsalidopsis Britton et Rose including Epiphylopsis Berger

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-114/1 exacum

Exacum L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-115/3 tulip

Tulipa L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-116/1 black salsify

Scorzonera hispanica L.

CPVO/TQ-117/1 egg plant

Solanum melongena L.

CPVO/TQ-118/3 endive

Cichorium endivia L.

CPVO/TQ-119/1-Rev vegetable marrow, squash

Cucurbita pepo L.

CPVO/TQ-120/3 durum wheat

Triticum turgidum L. subsp. durum (Desf.) Husn.

Agricultural 06/12/2016
CPVO/TQ-121/2-Rev triticale

×Triticosecale Witt.

Agricultural 29/08/2017
CPVO/TQ-122/1 sorghum

Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench; Sorghum ×drummondii (Steud.) Millsp. & Chase

Agricultural 23/03/2019
CPVO/TQ-123 banana

Musa acuminata Colla

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-124 chestnut

Castanea Mill.

Fruit 12/08/2020
CPVO/TQ-125 walnut

Juglans regia L.

Fruit 08/10/2020
CPVO/TQ-126 lachenalia

Lachenalia J. Jacq. ex Murray

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-127 leucadendron

Leucadendron R. Br.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-128 leucospermum

Leucospermum R. Br.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-129 protea

Protea L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-130/2 asparagus

Asparagus officinalis L.

CPVO/TQ-131 chincherinchee

Ornithogalum L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-132 dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia Schott

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-133/2 hydrangea

Hydrangea L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-134 safflower

Carthamus tinctorius L.

Agricultural 30/09/2017
CPVO/TQ-135/1 spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum Schott

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-136/1 parsley

Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nyman ex A. W. Hill

CPVO/TQ-137/1 blueberry

Vaccinium angustifolium Aiton,Vaccinium corymbosum L.,Vaccinium formosum Andrews,Vaccinium myrtilloides Michx.,Vaccinium myrtillus L., Vaccinium simulatum Small, Vaccinium virgatum Aiton

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-138 jostaberry

Ribes × nidigrolaria Rud. Bauer & A. Bauer

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-139 lingonberry

Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-140/1 pot azalea

Rhododendron simsii Planch.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-141/1-Rev aster

Aster L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-142/2 watermelon

Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum et. Nakai

CPVO/TQ-143/2 chick-pea

Cicer arietinum L.

CPVO/TQ-144 evening primrose

Oenothera L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-145/2 gentian

Gentiana L.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-147 firethorn

Pyracantha M. J. Roem

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-148/1 weigela

Weigela Thunb.

Ornamental & Forestry
CPVO/TQ-149 Japanese pear

Pyrus pyrifolia (Burm. f.) Nakai var. culta (Makino) Nakai

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-150 fodder beet

Beta vulgaris L.

Agricultural 23/08/2017
CPVO/TQ-151/2-Rev broccoli, calabrese

Brassica oleracea L.

CPVO/TQ-154/1-Rev leaf chicory

Cichorium intybus L. var. foliosum Hegi

CPVO/TQ-155/1 pumpkin

Cucurbita maxima Duchesne