Numerous technical questionnaires cover specific botanical taxa.

Please take note that when filing for a Community plant variety rights application, the use of a CPVO technical questionnaire is mandatory for each of the botanical taxa where one is available within the following list.

The technical questionnaires can be consulted and downloaded from the CPVO website, or upon request, can be transmitted by the Office.

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CPVO Reference Common Namesort descending Botanical Taxon Crop Sector Publication date Downloads
CPVO/TQ-153 ginger

Zingiber officinale Rosc.

Agricultural 10/02/2023
CPVO/TQ-262/2-Corr gypsophila

Gypsophila L.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-108/2 gladiolus

Gladiolus L.

Ornamental & Forestry 07/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-305/1 campanula

Campanula L.

Ornamental & Forestry 04/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-247 grain amaranth

Amaranthus cruentus L.

Agricultural 01/12/2022
CPVO/TQ-284/1 pomegranate

Punica granatum L.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-X09 grape hyacinth

Muscari Mill.

Ornamental & Forestry 14/08/2020
CPVO/TQ-090/1 curly kale

Brassica oleracea L. var sabellica L.

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-X02 ornamental fig (others than Ficus benjamina L.)

Ficus L.

Ornamental & Forestry 01/07/2020
CPVO/TQ-061/2-Rev.2 cucumber, gherkin

Cucumis sativus L.

Vegetable 04/08/2023
CPVO/TQ-182/2 guzmania

Guzmania Ruiz & Pav.

Ornamental & Forestry 01/05/2020
CPVO/TQ-020/2 oats, naked oats

Avena sativa L., Avena nuda L.

Agricultural 12/03/2020
CPVO/TQ-315/1 plectranthus

Plectranthus L'Hér. excluding P. scutellarioides

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-120/3 durum wheat

Triticum turgidum L. subsp. durum (Desf.) Husn.

Agricultural 06/12/2016
CPVO/TQ-071 hazelnut

Corylus avellana L.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-276/2-Rev hemp

Cannabis sativa L.

Agricultural 01/01/2023
CPVO/TQ-274/1 hibiscus, rose of Sharon, shrub althea

Hibiscus syriacus L.

Ornamental & Forestry 29/05/2021
CPVO/TQ-043/2 raspberry

Rubus idaeus L.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-257 Phlox

Phlox L.

Ornamental & Forestry 25/09/2023
CPVO/TQ-227/1 hop

Humulus lupulus L.

Agricultural 13/03/2023
CPVO/TQ-133/3 hydrangea

Hydrangea L.

Ornamental & Forestry 08/01/2022
CPVO/TQ-X07 hyacinth

Hyacinthus orientalis L.

Ornamental & Forestry 07/04/2020
CPVO/TQ-216/1 hypericum

Hypericum L.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-029/3 alstroemeria

Alstroemeria L.

Ornamental & Forestry 20/04/2021
CPVO/TQ-174 iris (bulbous)

Iris L.

Ornamental & Forestry 05/03/2021
CPVO/TQ-149 Japanese pear

Pyrus pyrifolia (Burm. f.) Nakai var. culta (Makino) Nakai

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-138 jostaberry

Ribes × nidigrolaria Rud. Bauer & A. Bauer

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-092 persimmon

Diospyros kaki Thunb.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-078/3-Rev.1 kalanchoe

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelln. and its hybrids

Ornamental & Forestry 04/12/2021
CPVO/TQ-X13-KAL2 kalanchoe

Kalanchoe other than Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Poelln.

Ornamental & Forestry 08/01/2022
CPVO/TQ-177/1 zantedeschia

Zantedeschia Spreng.

Ornamental & Forestry 19/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-275 camellia

Camellia L. excluding Camellia sinensis L. O.Kuntze

Ornamental & Forestry 04/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-175 kangaroo paw

Anigozanthos Labill.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/10/2020
CPVO/TQ-023/3 potato

Solanum tuberosum L.

Agricultural 23/08/2017
CPVO/TQ-124 chestnut

Castanea Mill.

Fruit 12/08/2020
CPVO/TQ-143/2 chick-pea

Cicer arietinum L.

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-098/3 kiwi

Actinidia Lindl., Actinidia chinensis Planch. and other species

Fruit 11/09/2021
CPVO/TQ-031 cocksfoot

Dactylis glomerata L.

Agricultural 09/01/2021
CPVO/TQ-162/2 garlic

Allium sativum L.

Vegetable 31/05/2023
CPVO/TQ-X06/1 begonia

Begonia L.

Ornamental & Forestry 04/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-074/1 celeriac

Apium graveolens L. var. rapaceum (Mill.) Gaud

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-037 turnip

Brassica rapa L. var. rapa L.

Vegetable 07/11/2019
CPVO/TQ-065/2 kohlrabi

Brassica oleracea L. var. gongylodes L. (Brassica oleracea Kohlrabi Group)

Vegetable 31/05/2023
CPVO/TQ-089/1 swede, rutabaga

Brassica napus L. var. napobrassica (L.) Rchb.

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-089/1 swede, rutabaga

Brassica napus L. var. napobrassica (L.) Rchb.

Agricultural 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-323/1 aglaonema

Aglaonema Schott

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-010 euphorbia Fulgens

Euphorbia fulgens Karw. ex Klotzsch

Ornamental & Forestry 04/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-126 lachenalia

Lachenalia J. Jacq. ex Murray

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-095/1 lagerstroemia

Lagerstroemia L.

Ornamental & Forestry 16/01/2023
CPVO/TQ-X14 lantana

Lantana L.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/06/2022