Numerous technical questionnaires cover specific botanical taxa.

Please take note that when filing for a Community plant variety rights application, the use of a CPVO technical questionnaire is mandatory for each of the botanical taxa where one is available within the following list.

The technical questionnaires can be consulted and downloaded from the CPVO website, or upon request, can be transmitted by the Office.

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CPVO Reference Common Name Botanical Taxonsort ascending Crop Sector Publication date Downloads
CPVO/TQ-212/2 petunia

Petunia Juss. and ×Petchoa J. M. H. Shaw

Ornamental & Forestry 19/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-136/1 parsley

Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nyman ex A. W. Hill

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-097/1 avocado

Persea americana Mill.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-189 pentas

Pentas Benth.

Ornamental & Forestry 25/10/2022
CPVO/TQ-109/1 pelargonium

Pelargonium L.

Ornamental & Forestry 01/07/2020
CPVO/TQ-028/2 zonal pelargonium, ivy-leaved pelargonium

Pelargonium zonale (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton, Pelargonium peltatum (L.) L'Hér. ex Aiton

Ornamental & Forestry 19/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-218/2 parsnip

Pastinaca sativa L.

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-166 opium, seed poppy

Papaver somniferum L.

Agricultural 03/03/2023
CPVO/TQ-248 common millet

Panicum miliaceum L.

Agricultural 01/12/2022
CPVO/TQ-176/3 osteospermum

Osteospermum L. and hybrids with Dimorphoteca Vaill.

Ornamental & Forestry 05/05/2021
CPVO/TQ-016/3 rice

Oryza sativa L.

Agricultural 20/11/2015
CPVO/TQ-131 chincherinchee

Ornithogalum L.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-283/1 oncidium

Oncidium Sw.

Ornamental & Forestry 08/01/2022
CPVO/TQ-099/1 olive

Olea europaea L.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-144 evening primrose

Oenothera L.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-200/2 basil

Ocimum basilicum L.

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-195 tobacco

Nicotiana tabacum L.

Agricultural 13/03/2023
CPVO/TQ-251 oleander

Nerium oleander L.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/05/2023
CPVO/TQ-146 nerine

Nerine herb.

Ornamental & Forestry 19/04/2022
CPVO/TQ-241/1 nemesia

Nemesia Vent.

Ornamental & Forestry 07/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-087 narcissi (including Daffodils)

Narcissus L.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-X09 grape hyacinth

Muscari Mill.

Ornamental & Forestry 14/08/2020
CPVO/TQ-123 banana

Musa acuminata Colla

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-006/1-Corr. lucerne

Medicago sativa L., Medicago x varia Martyn

Agricultural 01/11/2022
CPVO/TQ-228 medics

Medicago L. (excluding Medicago sativa L.)

Agricultural 23/02/2023
CPVO/TQ-152 chamomile

Matricaria recutita L.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/05/2023
CPVO/TQ-112 mango

Mangifera indica L.

Fruit 20/06/2019
CPVO/TQ-298/1 mandevilla

Mandevilla sanderi (Hemsl.) Woodson, Mandevilla × amabilis (Backh. & Backh. f.) Dress

Ornamental & Forestry 07/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-014/2 apple

Malus domestica Borkh.

Fruit 23/05/2019
CPVO/TQ-163/2 apple rootstocks

Malus Mill.

Fruit 23/01/2020
CPVO/TQ-192 ornamental apple

Malus Mill.

Ornamental & Forestry 20/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-066 white lupins, blue lupins, yellow lupins

Lupinus albus L., Lupinus angustifolius L., Lupinus luteus L.

Agricultural 03/03/2023
CPVO/TQ-277/2 blue honeysuckle, honeyberry, haskap

Lonicera caerulea L.

Fruit 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-287 lomandra

Lomandra Labill.

Ornamental & Forestry 14/05/2020
CPVO/TQ-004/2 ryegrass

Lolium perenne L., Lolium multiflorum Lam. spp. italicum (A. Br.) Vokart, Lolium multiflorum Lam. spp. non alternativumLolium multiflorum Lam. var. westerwoldicum Wittmt., Lolium multiflorum Lam. spp. alternativum; Lolium boucheanum Kunth, Lolium x hybridum Hausskn.; Lolium rigidum Gaudin

Agricultural 22/03/2019
CPVO/TQ-293/1 lobelia erinus

Lobelia L.

Ornamental & Forestry 01/05/2020
CPVO/TQ-057/2 flax, linseed

Linum usitatissimum L.

Agricultural 13/03/2023
CPVO/TQ-168/1 statice

Limonium Mill., Goniolimon Boiss., Psylliostachys (Jaub. & Spach) Nevski

Ornamental & Forestry 12/09/2020
CPVO/TQ-059/3 lily

Lilium L.

Ornamental & Forestry 07/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-128 leucospermum

Leucospermum R. Br.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-127 leucadendron

Leucadendron R. Br.

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-211 tea tree

Leptospermum J.R. Forst. et G. Forst.

Ornamental & Forestry 19/04/2022
CPVO/TQ-282 shitake

Lentinula edodes (Berk.) egler

Vegetable 15/11/2022
CPVO/TQ-210 lentil

Lens culinaris Medik.

Vegetable 25/04/2022
CPVO/TQ-194/1-Rev lavandula

Lavandula L.

Ornamental & Forestry 07/02/2020
CPVO/TQ-X14 lantana

Lantana L.

Ornamental & Forestry 24/06/2022
CPVO/TQ-095/1 lagerstroemia

Lagerstroemia L.

Ornamental & Forestry 16/01/2023
CPVO/TQ-313/1 bottle gourd, calabash

Lagenaria siceraria (Molina) Standl.

Vegetable 13/09/2018
CPVO/TQ-013/6-Rev.3 lettuce

Lactuca sativa L.

Vegetable 04/04/2023
CPVO/TQ-126 lachenalia

Lachenalia J. Jacq. ex Murray

Ornamental & Forestry 13/09/2018